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What Does My Order Status Mean?
Posted by Team on 15 August 2012 05:34 PM

It shows which step your order is being processed. There are several status: waiting for payment, pending payment, Checking (HSBC), Checking (PBB), Checking (Western Union) Checking Payment, processing, processing(Worldpay),order approved, item preparation, packing order, waiting for shipment, shipped, shipped partially, completed, and on hold, closed(refunded), cancelled. Below is the meaning of the status:


Waiting for payment/ Pending payment: This means that we have not yet received your payment. You can log in account to pay the order again.


Checking (HSBC)/Checking (PBB)/Checking (Western Union): This means that you choose HSBC/PBB/Western Union as payment method, but we have not yet received your payment. If you sent money by bank transfer (HSBC) please allow 3-7 working days for the banks to complete the transfer.


Checking Payment: This means that you may pay your order via paypal E-cheque, but the payment does not arrived at our account yet (E-cheque payment takes several days to arrive at our PayPal account). Or your payment is under PayPal review. You can check the status of it by logging in your paypal account.


Processing/ processing (Worldpay): This means that you have paid the order by PayPal/ worldpay, and we have received the money and need to process to check status.


Order approved: This means your payment has been approved.


Item preparation: This means that the items in your order are being prepared.


Packing order: This means that the items have been prepared and your order is being packed.


Waiting for shipment: This means that your order has been packed and is waiting for shipment.


Shipped: This means that your order has been shipped out, but we have not received the tracking number. It would take 24-48 hours to get the tracking number from the moment the package has been dispatched.


Completed: This means that your order has been shipped out and we get the tracking number. The tracking number will be emailed to you.

Only orders in "Completed" status can have the payment totals credited to your discount levels or your Affiliate commissions.


Other order status types

Shipped partially: This means that we split your order into several consignments and parts of them have been shipped out,we will inform you the tracking numbers by email for the sent consignments.


On hold: It means your order is being suspended since we need to confirm some information with you. It would not be shipped after we get your confirmation.


Closed (refunded): We have canceled your order and made a refund. We will inform you the reason via email.  


Cancelled: It means your order is not being processed, for reasons that will be noted in the order status comments.


Every time you place an order, an order number would be created for you. You can view the status of all your orders after you’ve logged in SW-box check order status .

You cannot manually change your order status. If you wish to cancel an order you have already paid for, please open a support ticket as soon as possible and quote your order number.

If you wish to make changes of items in your order, or alter the delivery address, please open a support ticket as soon as possible.

If you are unsure about the meaning of your order status, if you think there is some mistake in your order status, or if your order has been in processing for too long, you can open a support ticket referencing your order number.

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